Who Can Participate in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge?

  • This Challenge is open to both middle school and high school students attending school in the United States.
  • Schools form teams of 5 - 7 students per team.
  • Teams must have at least one adult faculty member who will serve as team advisor and will register the school’s team(s). More than one team per school is allowed to participate.
  • One team advisor may serve more than one team.
  • Teams are encouraged to register their intent to participate as early as possible to receive updates about the Challenge and take advantage of resources available on the website.

What to Submit

1. A three minute video describing the App Concept and how it will function. The video should include:

  • Summary of the mobile app concept (name of the app; key focus)
  • A description of the identified need or problem
  • A description of how the app concept will address the identified problem/need; A description of the app’s functionality
  • A description of how the Team used STEM skills in this process; and Identification of the primary audience for the app and description of the intended user experience.

2.  An essay that describes the team’s design process, the app’s functionality, and its potential impact or outcome The Essay should include: 

  • The team (with full names and year in school of each Student)
  • A description of the problem or need the app is designed to address
  • A description of how the app concept shall address the identified problem/need
  • A description of research into existing app solutions and explanation of how submission is unique or a significant improvement
  • Application of the unique format and functionality of a mobile app solution; STEM principles and practices applied as part of the mobile app concept and solution development process
  • The Essay shall be limited to no more than 1,000 words.

3.  Completed school/faculty authorization forms and student release forms

Download Official Rules/Faculty and School Principal Authorization Form

Download Student Release Form

4.   Best in Nation Team Winners shall submit developed functioning apps as directed by Verizon Foundation by June 1, 2014 in order to attend the National TSA Conference. Verizon Foundation shall provide professional support, workshops and development assistance to help the Best in Nation Team Winners develop, prepare and submit Apps to an agreed upon app store.