2013 National Winners

High School Level

Spalding Catholic High School | Granville, Iowa
App Name: AgNote MAX
AgNote MAX can allow farmers to carry and access key data and reports while in their fields or while away doing farm business. It will offer a calendar, maps, field notes, weather conditions, information about chemicals in use, and data related to projected income and costs for their farm business.

Rock Canyon High School | Highlands Ranch, Colorado
App Name: CaringHands
Students and members of the community who want to volunteer need credible and concise information about charities and opportunities to participate in their work. This app provides key details of a charity, its motto, a rating of its credibility, contact information, and a search feature to find charities that fit the users’ interests. Volunteers can rate the charitable groups and share their experiences with their friends.

Forney High School | Forney, Texas
App Name: One | Place
Students do not always receive key information about events and happenings in their school and community. Although announcements are made and emails sent, those notifications often are missed or ignored. Having an app that provides one place to consolidate and search for this type of information will be essential to students, administrators, and community organizations.

Friends' Central School | Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
App Name: STEAMnet
STEAMnet is designed to support collaborative and asynchronous brainstorming among members of a group when they are not in a face-to-face environment. It addresses the need for students working on collaborative projects to be able to share ideas and get feedback from members of the group outside of the standard school day.

South River High School | Edgewater, Maryland
App Name: Chester Study Buddy
This planner app will help students avoid procrastinating and motivate them to study and work on assignments well before deadlines. It encourages students to be independent, to set goals and develop important work and study skills that can lead to success in school and careers.

Middle School Level

Hampstead Academy | Hampstead, New Hampshire
App Name: Chow Checker
People who have food allergies can use this app to determine if specific foods are safe for them to eat. They scan a bar code or type a product name into the search bar to see a list of ingredients in that food product as well as the nutritional content of the food. Users can add notes about the products for future reference.

Jefferson Township Middle School | Oak Ridge, New Jersey
App Name: Invase Erase
Using an interactive map detailing where invasive species have been sighted, users can review photos to help them identify each harmful plant or animal. They will be given tips on what they can do to protect the lake and can see a Lake Health Index that rates factors such as sustainability, biodiversity, and water cleanliness. The app will include games to help users show what they have learned about invasive species.

Bronx Academy of Promise | Bronx, New York
App Name: Quest Math
Students can increase their speed in basic math computations using a Greek Myth-themed game. With each level increasing in difficulty, it challenges students to keep trying and provides tutorials to review as they go up the levels. Fun facts about Greek myths are provided along the way.

STEM Center Middle School | West Fargo, North Dakota
App Name: Recycling Bin
By encouraging more people to recycle, this app will contribute to a cleaner environment. It will have information about locations of community recycling facilities and their hours of operation. Users will set a specific time of day, week, or month for the app to provide a reminder and offer details of recycling locations nearby.

Emory H. Markle Intermediate School | Hanover, Pennsylvania
App Name: Voice Notes +
Good notes are essential for students who are working on projects or studying for tests. Those who have disabilities or who can’t write fast enough can use this app to record lectures or notes as they read, organize them for review, and enhance them with Internet resources to provide good study guides in preparation for tests.