Best in State Team Prizes:
One middle school team and one high school team are chosen as the Best in State winners from each state with eligible team submissions. Each Best in State team winner shall be awarded:

  • A $5000 grant to enhance STEM education at their school or sponsoring organization
  • “Best in State” certificates
  • Eligibility for consideration as a Best in Region Team Winner
  • Each Best in State team’s school or sponsoring organiztion shall receive a “Best in State” plaque

Best in Region Team Prizes:
The Best in State team winners will compete to become one of the twenty-four (24) Best in Region winning teams. Three (3) middle school teams and three (3) high school teams will be named as Best in Region from each of the four regions (Northeast, South, Midwest, West) where the Verizon Foundation operates. Each Best in Region team winner will be awarded:

  • “Best in Region” certificates
  • The opportunity to present their app concept during an online webinar and compete to be chosen as a Best in Nation Team Winner

Best in Nation Team Prizes:
The Best in Region team winners will compete to become Best in Nation winners by presenting their app concept for judging during an online webinar. The top middle school team and top high school team from each of the four Verizon regions will be named the eight (8) Best in Nation team winners. Each Best in Nation team winner shall be awarded:

  • A $15,000 grant to assist them in building their mobile app from their winning design, to enhance STEM education at their school or sponsoring organization, and to cover the travel costs of the adult advisor's attendance at the National TSA Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in June, 2016, if they plan to accompany the winning team.
  • “Best in Nation” certificates for each member.
  • In-person and virtual training and support from Verizon Foundation partners to assist  the team in building and publishing their winning mobile app.
  •  An android tablet for each student and adult advisor from the eight (8) Best in Nation team winners.
  • The opportunity for each Best in Nation team that develops and publishes their app by June 1, 2016, to present their app at the 2016 National Technology Student Association Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Travel, two night’s lodging, and registration fees for eligible Best in Nation winning team members and a parent/adult guardian will be covered as part of their contest award.

Additionally, Verizon will showcase the Best in Nation team winners in publicity, social media and other communications. 

Grant money awards may be used to:

  • Support teams as they build their app concepts for the Android platform and bring them to the marketplace.
  • Further STEM education at their school or sponsoring organization by enhancing existing STEM educate programming, introducing new STEM education programs, supporting co-curriculum STEM activities for students, or providing STEM-related professional development for educators. Funds may NOT be used to purchase technology hardware or software. The Verizon Foundation does not gift products or services to schools or sponsoring organizations.
  • Note that winning teams will be required to document how their grant funds are spent